Kahlan is Moana’s daughter from her first litter in 2020. Kahlan LOVES toys and is an extremely sweet & loving girl!

Quick Facts About Kahlan

Born: Jan. 5, 2020
Shown: Lightly PRE-COVID. Has not shown since COVID.
Movement: Elegant and correct. Straight coming and going.
Teeth: Correct bite. 
Hips: OFA rated Excellent

Kahlan's Temperament

Attitude: Pleasant & willing. Fun dog to do things with!
Style: Pleasing & soft, but not fearful.
Mannerisms: Loves to bat her eyelashes and squint her eyes when she smiles. Flirty and gracious.
Favorite Toys: Balls and soft squeaky toys. She will carry 2 or 3 around in her mouth if she can! 

Kahlan's Pedigree

Life With Kahlan